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The field has become a client favorite, and it makes my heart so happy to have found a new signature location. For years I had been asked for a location like this one and when I came across this hidden gem I knew it would quickly become a staple in my business. Living in Miami you're limited with locations. It's either a park, urban setting or the beach.

When I began coordinating this family session with Blis I asked her "Do you trust me? I have a really cool location I have been really wanting to try out." she said yes and trusted me without question. The only reference she had was that I told her it was an open field with tall grass and that afternoons there are warm and cozy because of the way the sun sets behind the trees. When we arrived and she saw what it looked like in real life I could tell by her reaction she started to doubt my decision. I knew once I had a few photos to show her she would see my vision. So we began the session, and after a few different poses I stopped and showed them all some images from behind the camera. All they said was WOW! This was the image that sold her on the location...

Isn't this mom and daughter moment just beautiful!?

The rest of the session was just as magical, and needless to say she'll trust my location suggestions whole heartedly moving forward.

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